We maintain and nurture a beautiful, safe, comfortable, affordable, supportive environment in which to offer a wide variety of healing arts to people of all walks of life.

Clients have easy access to affordable, safe, effective healing arts.

Our practitioners are some of the best in their fields, and they offer reduced prices to clients at this location because they are offered reduced prices for their therapod (room).

Practitioners make a good living practicing their healing art with willing and grateful clients.

Practitioners reach a wide range of clients through expanded hours of operation and affordable costs.

The individual therapods are decorated in a variety of styles, accommodating a wide range of personalities and healing methods.

Practitioners are promoted on-site as part of the rental. Practitioners also promote themselves, and include AHA! and NOHC in their promotions as well.

This approach to shared space works well and is used as a model for other locations.

Healing arts of many kinds gain more acceptance through AHA!

We get to do all this while having as much fun as possible!